About BookSwap.ws

What is BookSwap.ws.

BookSwap.ws is a site for book lovers to catalogue, swap and sell their new, used and second hand books.

BookSwap.ws Evolution

Early in 2002 I was chatting with some friends, one in particular shares my love of books, and regularly buys many books from many sources, however, one big problem kept arising, this was buying the same book more than once. So the idea of BookSwap.ws was formed, originally it was to be developed as an online library system, keeping track of books (no, it wasn't called BookSwap.ws back in those days), then as the site grew the ability to provide other functionality came about.

Today BookSwap.ws provides the original requirement of cataloging books, but also allows you to view the titles of books your friends and others available to loan or sell. This is not an auction site, there are already many good sites like that, BookSwap.ws allows you to specify how much you want for the book.

Who is behind BookSwap.ws

BookSwap.ws is developed and run by Analysis UK Limited, whilst the company's main interest is in the development of scientific software and hardware it does provide other software solutions, such as this site.
Additionally Testing resources have been supplied from Test and QA, and my friends for whom the site was originally developed.


BookSwap.ws operates on a membership basis, Initial membership is free and you may store up to 5000 books and allocate 50 friends before you need to consider upgrading your membership.

All functionality of the web site is available with the free membership. Subscription packages allow you to increase your storage and friends allocation, additionally, paying members will benefit from reduced sale prices. For more information please see our fees page.

Certain functionality is available to non members (e.g. access to member’s wish lists and book lists).

What are the benefits of using BookSwap.ws?

You can...

  • Catalogue your book from any machine on the Internet (Including WebTV).
  • Track the location of your book.
  • Monitor books that you have lent to friends.
  • Monitor books that you have borrowed from friends (providing they have a BookSwap.ws account).
  • Sell your books, other users will be able to see your books that are for sale, it is free to list your books for sale, we only charge a small final value fee on the sale. Please see our fees page for more information on our fees structure.
  • Set a book as for sale only to friends.
  • utilise ISBN Lookup to save typing in the book title.

Your friends can...

  • Easily see what books you have that they may borrow (or buy).
  • Having found a book, your friend may click a "borrow" link and have the system automatically notify you that your friend wishes to borrow a book, tracking of the book is then automatically handled.
  • Easily see which books are on your "wish list", always useful for present giving occasion!
  • Easily see which books you have, also useful for present giving occasion, never get a book you already have again.

Future Benefits will include...

  • Access from mobile devices, e.g. Wap phones.
  • Access an offline version of your book library with special PC software.
  • We are committed to continuous development of BookSwap.ws to reflect the needs of the membership.