Buying a book.
Basic MembersFree
Subscribing MembersFree
Selling a book.
Sale FeeBasic0.350.250.35
% of sale price000
Listing DurationUntil Sold
Fee Applied on the confirmation of the sale. Fee currency based on sale currency.
Basic Membership.
Book Storage Allocation Friends Allocation Cost
100 Books 5 Free
*** Additional Free storage is available if the account is mainly used for selling.***
Allocation Add-ons.(Per Add-on Purchased)
Additional StorageAdditional FriendsDurationCostOptions
250552 Weeks£5 Convert
Any number of these add-ons can be purchased to increase your allocation to the desired level.
Other BookSwap.ws Services.
Adding photo's (max 4 per book)Free
RSS FeedsFree
Froogle feedFree
Corporate Membership.
Corporate members are welcome to join under the same subscription/add-on basis, You should consider joining a single user as the company library, and allocating space and staff access with the Add-on packages available. Library managers can be granted high levels of friendship to this account to fully manage the library.
Retailer/Commercial Membership.
Retail members are welcome to join under the same subscription/add-on basis, When applying for membership you should check the box marked commercial, in the near future some additional features will become available aimed at commercial sellers and this will help us keep you informed of the situation. Additionally, if you are using your BookSwap.ws account mainly for selling then please contact support and we will look to upgrade your free allocation.
How to Pay.
Currently BookSwap.ws only accepts PayPal payment or cheques in Pounds sterling, if you think this will be a problem please get in contact to discuss this and we will try our best to accept your preferred payment method.