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11th Sep 2006Added My RSS Feeds. Get your collection onto your website with RSS feeds, add a What I’m Reading to your blog with Virtual Bookmark feed, get access to your book list offline with RSS Readers. more...
5th Sep 2006New SSL Certificate. more...
4th Sep 2006Added Item Labeller, print labels for your books on a Dymo Label writer from! more...
29th Aug 2006Changes to default national postage rates. more...
26th Aug 2006National postage rates must now be supplied for books listed for sale. more...
23rd Aug 2006Added MARC document retrieval from the Library of Congress. more...
20th Aug 2006Members inactive in the last 6 months now have their account marked as inactive and books no longer listed in the for sale listings. more...
9th Aug 2006Reminder - UK Postage changes on 21 August 2006. more...
4th Aug 2006New search boxes more...
18th Jul 2006Updated the sale transaction handling. more...
4th Jun 2006Improved How To guides. more...
27th Jan 2006Secure server issues resolved (backup went on strike again!) more...
27th Jan 2006Google appears to have fixed the issues with froogles ftp server and processing. more...
16th Jan 2006Server issues resolved. more...
16th Jun 2005Added PayPal integration. more...
20th May 2005Updated the MyAccount page to improve the layout.
16th Mar 2005Fixed a couple of bugs with the pound sign and made some updates to the report pages.
3rd Feb has now moved to the new server, appologies to anybody effected by the downtime whilst the DNS caches expire. more...
28th Jan 2005Updated the Data protection statement, adding section 2.1.4.

2.1.4 Information will be stored upon a computer server which is located in the United States of America only for the purpose of operating the website.

This is to allow us to take advantage of better facilities available with a new hosting provider in the USA. more...
22nd Jan 2005Updated What's new feed to improve title and use bookmark links for items where no 'more...' details are available.
3rd Oct 2004Updated the fee strucure. Reduced fee's for USD and EUR sales, the sale fee is now based on currency of the sale. more...
2nd Oct books now automatically listed on froogle. more...
30th Sep 2004Members login and personal data is now protected by a 128 bit encryption on our secure server with a SSL certificate. more...
14th Aug 2004Added RSS XML feed for the What's new page. more...
28th Jul 2004Added the "Search With Google" search box to the front page, and the normal keyword search box, making the front page of nice and simple.
28th Jul 2004Added the start of the RSS feeds some weeks ago, check out the member details page and the browse categories page for links to the relevant feeds - more info and help with RSS feeds on its way.
28th Apr 2004Uploadable image file size increased to a maximum of 100k.
5th Mar 2004Improved edit locations and location drop down on edit item page. Locations can now be edited to produce a hierarchical structure.
15th Feb 2004Automated registration on the community board ( when registering with Check the community area for more details. Some minor tweaks to the Amazon caching routines to reflect the changes in the service agreement.
29th Jan 2004Tidied up the Fees page.
14th Jan 2004Updated basic and members quick search routines to use full text searching, this should improve the quality of the results.
12th Jan 2004Added Favorite and Plonk. You can now add members to your favorite list (My Account->My Favorites) or to your Plonkers list (My Account->My Plonkers). These settings are then indicated by an icon next to the members UserID when you next see it.
31st Dec 2003Added Category browsing and searching.
24th Dec is NOW open for Business!!!

Why not join now, its free!!!
23rd Dec 2003Loads of additions, including the whole new community forums. All the legal stuff is now in place. A number of updates to improve the response time of searches. Caching of Amazon data and a whole heap of improvements for Amazon integration.

Improvements to the buy/sell system, including delivery note production, better communication between buyer and seller through the sale details page. Members can now leave feedback on other members as a result of sales.
24th Oct 2003Added Customer support query request form (see bottom of the page). Added Condition field to book details. Various other small additions.
2nd Sep 2003Its been a very busy number of months, big improvements have been made to the site and some new useful additions.

Added Quick search, allows a key word search of preset (definable) search areas, such as My Books, Amazon etc. This is available from the Members homepage, or the QuickSearch page in Find.

Added e-mail, you can now "Ask the owner", send an internal e-mail to the owner of a book to ask a question about it. Ow, and they can reply if they wish!.

System e-mail"s such as loan requests can be sent via BookSwap internal e-mail or external.

Added Preferences (My Account->Preferences):
You can now define default location, category and loan period when adding a new book, Sale defaults, allow default currency, national and international postage charges to be set, Quick search settings are editable and also allow the choice of your favourite Amazon site when included in Quick Search.

Added Remember Item option, so you can built a list of items you wish to flag to remember, and view this quickly on the "Remembered Items" find page. Additionally you can add comments when remembering the item (e.g. why you are remembering it). These can be your books, your friends books or books that are for sale.

Added Private flags, so you can still allow your friends to see your book collection but not view specific entries flagged as private.

Added Chapters so you can define the chapters in a book, if you so wish, this is really for to add tracks for albums but its made available here as well

Added Non-member friends, you can now track loans to and from friends that are not members.

Added Out On Loan, allows the book owner to mark a book as being loaned out with out requiring the borrower to request the loan. Book can be marked as On Loan to a non member friend or BookSwap friend.

When Adding a book you can mark it as Owner by someone else, including Non-members, which initialises a loan for the book, so if you borrow a book from your favourite library you can add them as a Non-member friend and setup the loan when adding the item, this way you get to track the loan duration and remember who you got it from. Don"t forget to encourage them to take out a BookSwap membership as well!.

Added Location filter to Advanced Find page.

Various tweaks to page styling.

Made a specific login page to help Web Browsers cache UserID/Password better and improved page layout (a bit).

Added Performance monitor for specific pages (e.g. searches) so site performance can be monitored.

Country details are now show with books not owner by logged in user and highlighted if different from the current user.

Loan duration can now be edited (as well as the default). Current loans can also be edited to a predefined end point.

Improved layout of loans page, only showing required action sections when an action is required or pending, then these appear at the top of the page to draw attention to them.

Added conformation screen to Borrow option.

Loans history is now kept so future loan searching will help you not read a book you"ve already read from the library once before (unless you want to of course!).

Title/Author search refinement added to search results page.

Various updates to invoicing system when selling or taking out a subscription, more to come on in this area.

Speeded up Search when not logged in and Amazon search uses unless your browser is configured as locale when is searched.
18th May searching added to members search and quick search.
29th Mar 2003Updated the styling of pages. Tweaked bookmark handling. Added the ability to assign chapters to a book.
18th Mar 2003Added Bookmarks. Some other background tweaks.
23rd Jan 2003Book title, author, catagory and ISBN can now all be edited.
31st Dec 2002Added register interest ability to the join page.
29th Dec 2002Added basic title/author search to search the items marked as for sale without requiring membership/login.
18th Dec 2002Added the first stages of a report generator.
26th Nov 2002Some major updates, Improved searching, with extra options and filtering abilities. Password changing now implemented, better view of invoices, ability to purchase subscriptions. Better loans details, and many other minor updates.
14th Oct search added to the find page.
14th Oct 2002Log out button, date and time added to the title section of members pages.
6th Oct 2002Advanced members can now add categories for their books (These are shared).
6th Oct 2002New Management functions online.
6th Oct 2002Invoice details can now be seen in the My Account section.
6th Oct 2002Buy/Sell section added to facilitate purchases and purchase tracking.
6th Oct 2002Buying and selling now functional.
4th Oct 2002Added feedback page for members.
23rd Sep 2002Basic loan functionality now online, you can request the loan of a book, and manage the books you have on loan.
22nd Sep 2002Complete revamp of search system, Searching now returns full details, and is split into pages.
22nd Sep 2002Update to Locations, these are now customisable.
19th Sep 2002Friends management added, you can now easily manage the people you wish to add as friends on this system.
4th Jun 2002Basic functionality now on line for members, Sorry, membership is still limited to external testers.
14th Apr 2002Whats new is this site, still very much under construction, Keep an eye out for regular updates.